Head Boy's Message

Kabir Dhawan

Head Boy (2018-19)

As the Head Boy & the student representative of Rosary Sr. Sec. School, I practice & preach excellence in whatever activity we do. Activity may include academics, your hobby or even sports. Excellence means not to limit your challenges but to challenge your limits. Being happy in life is very important & happiness can only come to you when you excel. AS a Rosarian, we are guided in the path of excellence, we are guided in the path of success. Balancing academics with your hobby is the key you need. Excellence only comes to you through time management. Thus, do not run behind success. Strive & Thrive for excellence. Work for your life & enjoy doing whatever you do. Doing something significant, productive with proper time management! There you go on the silver path of excellence.

So, for all the students & parents out there I would just say “ Success is not something we proclaim; what we, as Rosarians, proclaim is Excellence & we work on that path consistently & persistently.”

I can indeed say, the Rosarian family is blessed!

Thank You
Kabir Dhawan
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