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Stress is a major problem for many of us. It is also a badge of honour for some people, for instance if you are not stressed, you are just not working hard enough. You don’t sleep well throughout the night. The alarm didn’t go off. You get late for the school. There’s a deadline to finish up the assignment, but your computer is down with virus. According to experts, stress levels are increasing and stress- related ailments are shooting up. Stress is different things to different people. For a mountaineer, it is the challenge of pushing physical resources to the limit to achieve a demanding goal. To a motorist, it can be the hassle of heavy traffic and toxic exhaust fumes and to a student it can be exam pressure.

But, what is this stress? It is the inability to cope with a real or imaginary threat to one’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being which results in a series of physiological responses and adaptations. Now that we have understood what stress is, managing it is the next & the most important step to accomplish.


1. LAUGH IT OFF! : Children laugh over three hundred times a day but teenagers and adults only fifteen times a day. Laughing really lowers adrenalin & cortisol two stress hormones.

2. ROLL WITH IT! : Rolling one’s feet over a rolling pin for 5 min to relieve tension. This triggers endorphins (happiness inducing brain chemicals).

3. WORK IT OUT! : Incorporating regular exercise in your daily routine will make your pituitary glands release endorphins, which will ease anxiety.

4. EAT IT UP! : Eating green leafy vegetables, almonds and low fat cheese helps in releasing stress as it contains vitamins E & B which are calming vitamins.

5. BREATHE IT OUT! : Breathing deeply by inhaling through our nose and exhaling through our mouth gives body enough oxygen & helps in slowing heart rate.

The Counselor's Desk
The Counselor's Desk
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